why college sports are better than professional

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Why college sports are better than professional william dalembert betting

Why college sports are better than professional

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Four days full of basketball to kick it off, with some of the most exciting minutes of play all year, building up to the Final Four. Small town colleges find ways to the big stage and knock off the top contenders. Individual players have a chance to shine and build their draft stock. The number of college rivalries in basketball and football is insane, and the animosity between the schools is unbelievable.

Fans mark their calendars every year for the biggest game of the season, the one against the biggest rival, and it never disappoints. Hey, as a Syracuse alum I cringe at the thought of anyone in my family attending Georgetown. The hatred is real. One of the top reasons college sports are better than professional is the fans. Most are students or former students who live and breathe their college teams. Professional teams are located in certain cities around the country, limiting fandom to those areas.

But college students come from all over the country, and when the four years are done, they bring their fandom back home. Even more than that, students and alumni become a sort of family that stays with the team and supports it for the rest of their lives. Plus, have you seen the student sections at the biggest football stadiums or the cozier courts?

They are frightening and exhilarating. At the start of the season, Major League Baseball announced an exciting statistic: more than a The March Madness brackets are out! Gumble Claus dropped them off Sunday night, and now that Six reasons why college sports are better than professional But there is something special about watching, and following, college sports.

There are several reasons: Passion Unfortunately, many of the players we watch on college fields or courts will not have a professional career. Six reasons why college sports are better than professional Loyalty Players are loyal to their universities from the moment they commit to the school. For instance, in the NFL for a receiver to have possession of the ball he has to land with both feet in bounds while he has the ball.

In college ball all that is required is one foot. I will admit that this rule does make for more exciting games because it increased the number or receptions but most people feel this rule would be too powerful in the NFL. Another example is that in college ball the three point line is closer to the basket then in the NBS. This does often lead to more three pointers being shot. College sports also have some of the biggest and best rivalries around. SEC football has some great rivalries like the Florida Gators vs.

College basketball is also great with rivalries like the University of North Carolina vs. Are college sports, or even military college sports, better then pro? Ultimately it is a matter of opinion because both have a lot of great qualities about them and it is ultimately up to you to decide, or you could just be like me and like them both. Jeff Jordan lives, writes and watches football in sunny Southern California. He writes about cars, education, and pop cutlure.

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Are College Sports Better than Pro?

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Because of the low supply of opportunities working directly for professional sports franchises, it can be difficult to land a full-time job. If you want to be the sports information director at a collegiate institution, you have 1, job opportunities. The biggest difference between collegiate and pro sports is the role of the athlete. Professional athletes are employees. In college, they are students first and athletes second. Many times, student-athletes never dreamed of graduating from college or completing internships, but we provide that opportunity and are able to shape their futures and impact the trajectory of their families for generations.

A select few are able to continue their careers at the professional level. We are able to impact a much larger population and build the leaders of the future. The majority of people entering the sports industry want jobs in professional sports. Unless you are working for a top collegiate sports brand, working in pro sports is more attractive.

But, this will change significantly over the next 10 years because college athletics departments are beginning to be run like businesses where they build strong local, regional and national brands. At ASU, we have , alumni, 70, students, 40, season ticket holders, more than 15, faculty and staff, student-athletes and 22 sports with overlapping schedules that we have to promote and monetize.

When I worked in pro sports, we had one team to focus on year-round, while occasionally hosting other events like soccer matches or concerts. In pro sports, you have one message that is consistent because you are only marketing one product and one team. In pro sports, the approval process is simple. If your team owner approves, you can move forward. The hardest part about working in collegiate sports is the multiple layers of constituents and approvals that need to be accounted for before a decision can be made.

This includes the board of directors, administration, and compliance, among others. Twenty years ago pro sports owners decided to change the business structure to focus on generating revenue and improving the fan experience.

Before they made the change, former coaches became general managers and they were responsible for running the team and the business. It was a flawed model. The caliber of players that go pro grossly limits the kind of tactics that can be utilized at that level and the strategies that can be effective, making them less exciting.

Win or go home. The remaining major American league regularly has the question of if a team will have a playoff participant with a record at or below. Conversely, college teams have to win in the playoffs. The worst player in the professional ranks was a star in college, assuming they even played for a college team. This may seem counterintuitive as an advantage of college sports, but this paves the way for more upsets and a wider distribution of talent. This yields many of the other elements on this list.

This specific entry applies more to football than to anything else as it is the sport with the most trick plays. Since the NFL players are faster and have seen more, they can sniff out a trick play and react to it faster than a college player can. The Statue of Liberty, fumblerooski, and option plays are not exclusive to amateur football, but are much more likely to be found there. The rivalries in professional sports can not go any deeper than one sport.

Out of so may schools, one can split their loyalties. Ask the good people of St. Louis if they feel any loyalty to the Rams. Professional leagues tend to max out near the 30 team interval. Outside of a European soccer tournament or an exhibition game that would neither count nor be taken seriously, the biggest upset that can happen in a team sport is the perceived 32nd best team beating the best in the NFL.

These are real upsets and the games do count.

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The college game,however, can be more appealing. Every one of these points makes sense … except that last one. I do know I do not envy people who grow up without a professional franchise anywhere close. Not more appealing. Not that they like it more. And it boggles my mind.

And that may be generous. I think I misconstrued your argument. College crowds are much better though. Can you agree with that? If there is one, that is. I enjoy watching the best athletes in the world compete at the highest level of a sport because this is the peak of their respective games. However, I certainly understand that the talent level and quality of play at the college level cannot compare to the pros. Every year, the question comes up whether the worst NFL team would beat the best college team.

Florida St. Houston Texans, for example. The NFL team would stomp them every time. The pro team could just run for 5 yards per carry and score every time. The Sixers would mean more to me. Being able to say they liked him ever since college, or called him being great before anyone else.

Similar to how some people are with artists before they become popular. From a purely entertainment standpoint, I just feel college football gives me more of it. Off the field, the pageantry and traditions in college football really shine. I love hearing the crowd sing the fight songs or the various chants. That stuff really comes through on TV after a touchdown or big play.

You get none of that in the NFL. To me, rivalries are real in college football. Do they circle each other on the calendar every year regardless of record? The dude who plays for the Packers this year could have played for the Bears last year. Michigan and osu hate each other. Those teams hate each other, and those games mean alot regardless of record.

The big games, like Duke-Syracuse this weekend, are really fun to watch.. The egregiously poor play and inability to hit mid-range jumpers consistently kills it for me. In the NBA, quality of play is almost always high, and I can watch basically any game and see a star.

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