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States that have sports betting a gambler bet on a horse race but the bookee

States that have sports betting

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License fees are not specified in the New Hampshire sports betting law, and sportsbook applicants will be selected based on a bidding process. New Hampshire will select the operators that offer the largest revenue-sharing proposals to the state. Currently, Hew Hampshire offers its residents mobile and internet sports betting platforms with DraftKings Sportsbook.

The launch of the state-affiliated sports betting outlet occurred in December Sports bettors must be 21 years old to use this application for wagering on sports. There is no concrete timeline for when retail sports betting will formally launch in NH. The only restrictions of the new sports betting law is no in-state NCAA team or game being played within state lines can be wagered on at state-licensed books. Collegiate games that include non-NH teams and which are played outside state borders can be wagered on at New Hampshire sportsbooks.

The Indiana legislature passed legislation to legalize sports wagering in late April , and it was signed by the governor on May 8, Laws regulating sports betting in Indiana also allows state-wide online sports wagering, making the state one of the most comprehensive sports wagering destinations on the map.

On September 1, , sports betting launched in three retail locations. Since then more and more gambling establishments have joined and have launched Indiana sportsbooks themselves. The law only allows for internet and mobile sports betting platforms, meaning no land-based locations are available as they are not specified as such within the law. Four sportsbook operators launched on the official date with more to come in the future.

Having just the four initial sports wagering businesses, Tennesseans still jumped at the chance to bet on sports matchups using local outlets. That number is expected to grow as the popularity of the activity does and more sports betting operations open.

During each meeting held by the Tennessee Education Lottery TEL , the committee can issue licenses to applicants for sports betting businesses. Three closely-related sports wagering bills have been passed by the IA legislature and were signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds on May 13, Online sports betting is authorized under the law, but it will require in-person registration at a qualified casino venue until January 1, Both land-based and state-wide online sports betting apps were launched on August 15, Oregon was originally one of four states that were exempt from the federal ban on sports betting known as PASPA.

There was no need for any Oregon sports betting bills to pass through the legislature in order to authorize sports betting because of that pre-existing exception. Oregon did, however, still need to put appropriate infrastructure in place to support sports betting. Tribal casinos can only offer land-based sports betting options, but they can also offer collegiate betting. To counter that, the state lottery launched a state-wide mobile betting app—called Scoreboard— in the fall of but limits it to only betting on professional sports such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Legal sports betting in Minnesota is an idea that lawmakers in the state have not warmed up to yet but has been long-awaited by many residents of the state. There is no doubt that people in the Land of 10, Lakes love sports and love betting on their favorite teams even more.

The state as a whole is known to be a pro-gambling state and federal laws have changed to allow legal sports betting all across the nation. In a state with high activity of gambling and sports teams, it is assumed that legal MN sports betting gain traction and be a legitimate option sooner rather than later. Not to worry as we collected all of that information and compiled it in this guide to ensure you fully comprehend every aspect of the gambling industry.

After reading through this, you should be able to understand your rights to legally place bets on your favorite sports teams or against your least favorite and locations of where to get it done. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable with all of the information presented and can safely and legally make a wager without the question of its legality. Legal sports betting in Colorado had to jump through some hoops but, alas, it is officially here!

Colorado residents and visitors of the state will now have a chance to go to a retail sportsbook in one of three towns. Casinos in those towns that receive a license to conduct sports betting in CO will also be able to offer statewide mobile sports wagering apps. At the tail end of , Michigan legalized sports betting on December The battle to legalize sports wagering in Michigan was a battle.

In , lawmakers actually did end up passing sports betting legislation. Then when it went to the previous Governors desk, he decided to veto the bill. He was concerned that legalizing sports betting in Michigan would undercut the School Aid Fund in Michigan. Current Gov. Whitmer had similar concerns. She indicated that she would not sign a sports betting bill that would undercut the School Aid Fund. To prevent that from happening, lawmakers and the governor worked together to find a tax sweet spot to help sportsbooks remain profitable while keeping the School Aid Fund funded.

Sports betting is taxed at an 8. Once sportsbooks open, 26 casinos in the state will be able to open retails and online sportsbooks. Online sportsbooks will be available statewide and remote registration for mobile sportsbooks will be allowed as well. Michigan legalized sports betting on December 20, when it passed HB The new bill addressed his concern with a healthy, but reasonable, 8. There are currently 26 casinos throughout Michigan, and all will be authorized to open retail and online sportsbooks.

Three casinos, all in Detroit, opened their sportsbooks to the public in early March. Michigan state and casino officials had been working around the clock since December to prepare sportsbooks for a pre-March Madness launch, but widespread sports cancellations in response to the COVID pandemic will likely stunt any potential growth for Michigan sports betting over the next several months.

Still, the industry is in a good place moving forward, especially now that large sports betting firms like William Hill have begun signing deals to operate online sportsbooks for major casinos. Legal sports betting in Virginia went through a bit of a non-traditional way to get here but it is finally up and running.

In , the state passed a sports betting bill. However the stipulations of the bill required that a study be conducted about Virginia sports betting and that it had to pass again in before it was officially legalized. Fast forward to April of and the state passed that very bill that not only legalized land-based sports betting but also online sports betting in VA. These land-based venues are still in construction while online sportsbooks launched in January of In-person registration is not required for online sportsbooks.

However, one thing to note is that the law does not allow betting on in-state college teams so Virginia sports bettors will still have to turn to overseas-based online sportsbooks to bet on the Virginia Cavaliers and Virginia Tech Hokies. Indiana sportsbooks will also not offer betting lines on high school events or esports tournaments.

In addition to land-based sports betting, mobile and online sports betting is also a massive draw for sports bettors. Many states have begun regulated online sports betting but that number is far less than those that have land-based sports betting. With regulated online sports betting, you are able to wager at your local sportsbook without physically having to be there. You will find betting lines online and on mobile apps that offer the same betting lines that you would find if you entered these sportsbooks.

Many top US-based mobile sportsbooks have curated deals with states all over to bring mobile sports betting. Many states, however, have not regulated online betting and in some cases, online and mobile betting is still restricted to being on the casino floor. In addition, even states that offer true mobile on the go sports betting can only be accessed from within the state. This means if you travel outside of the state you cannot access your sportsbook. Fortunately, there is a solution, online international sportsbooks bring sports betting to all sports bettors across the country.

This means no matter where you are you will be able to bet on your favorite sport. No, the Wire Act does not make sports betting illegal. The Wire Act actually makes it unlawful for someone to take your bet, rather than to place one. The law was written this way in order to prevent interstate sports wagering from occurring.

Federal lawmakers knew that if they made betting illegal, people would find a way around it. They figured that going after the person who takes the bets would be the more prudent course of action because people would just try to keep themselves out of trouble and stop taking bets on the phone or online. They were right because the Wire Act still prevents interstate sports betting from occurring today. Fortunately, though, the Wire Act is a US federal law, and so it has no jurisdiction over online sportsbooks that are located overseas.

US laws cannot tell people in other countries what to do. Because of this, the Wire Act has no effect over online, offshore sportsbooks taking your wagers. As you know, regulated online sports betting is now a state-by-state matter. With no more federal interference, states can individually decide how, when, and where to offer their own sports wagering products.

In the case of offshore online sports betting sites, state regulations — as well as federal regulations including PASPA, when it was still active — have no impact whatsoever on those businesses or your freedom to enjoy their sports wagering products. Offshore books exist outside the scope of US regulatory oversight and legal jurisdiction.

Because all these US and state laws criminalize only unlicensed domestic sportsbook operators, offshore operators are unaffected. And since individuals in the US are not criminalized for placing wagers with real money sportsbooks , nobody is breaking any laws. All that said, do not make the mistake of thinking that these offshore books are not regulated. As such, it remains against the law for these books to cheat their customers, and they are all held to as high a standard as any licensed, domestic US book.

These books are safe and legitimate, provided you choose the most respected, long-lived providers in the business. Betting on sports has grown from an occasional hobby to one of the most impactful economic activities in the world. Sports betting is a multi-billion dollar industry across the United Kingdom and in countries such as Spain, Australia, and Macau. In the United States, only a handful of states have legalized sports betting, and even fewer have legalized online sports betting, meaning that states are leaving hundreds of millions of dollars on the table.

Sports betting is extremely popular in the United States, and the lack of legal land-based options has not diminished the demand for the product in any way. This means that in over 30 years of effectively having a legal sports betting monopoly in the US, Nevada plus the few states currently also offering sports wagering services took in a total handle that US bettors regularly surpass in a single half-year of sports betting.

The figures above prove that by not expanding government regulated sports betting, the states of the US — and the federal government itself — are depriving their coffers of billions of dollars in potential tax revenue. Americans want to bet on sports, and their spending behaviors show that the activity will be continued and continue to grow with or without regulations. Now that PASPA is no more, it is time for states to overcome any obstacles that currently prevent them from regulating sports betting on their own soil.

Mobile sports betting has made its way to a quite a bit of the states that have passed measures to legalize sports betting. The states that have domestic i. Mississippi has mobile betting, but this is limited only to the grounds of licensed casinos that have operational books. Several other states — particularly those without existing casino districts or robust land-based gambling industries — are legalizing mobile betting as a matter of course whenever they pass otherwise standard sports betting legislation.

Delaware is something of a special case, as it is legally able to offer mobile sports betting via its state lottery, but that product has not yet rolled out. Tennessee is in a unique position as the only state that has legalized mobile betting but not land-based betting. Eventually, of course, almost all states that establish their own legal sports betting industries will. Regardless of what state you officially reside in, you will only be able to bet on sports via domestic online or land-based books while physically inside that specific state.

In other words, for state-based sports betting, states are geo-fenced. You cannot be in California and call in a bet to a Las Vegas casino, for example. Similarly, you cannot physically be in Tennessee and place bets with an online New Jersey sportsbook. This is all due to a federal law known as the Interstate Wire Act, which prevents sportsbooks from accepting wagers across state lines.

The sudden rush to legalize sports betting has come from a successful appeal of the federal law known as PASPA. This law prevented licensed sportsbooks from operating within the country, with the exception of Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana who all were grandfathered in due to their previously approved sports betting legislation.

There are currently 20 states and Washington D. C with operational, licensed sportsbooks that offer full-scale single-game wagering. There are a few states that have legalized the activity but are still working to fully launch in their state market. Keep in mind that all of the states have different regulations.

For example, New Jersey sportsbooks cannot offer betting lines on college teams that are located in the state. This even includes sporting events that are played outside of state lines. Tennessee sports betting is limited to only online platforms. The legislative chaos induced by the COVID pandemic has left many proposed sports betting bills across the country in a state of limbo.

But, in many states have stepped into the forefront to try and legalize sports betting for the sake of additional tax revenue. States like, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Kansas are just some of the states with active sports betting bills. Individual states still have to pass their own laws legalizing sports betting, which can be a complicated an arduous process.

Many states have successfully passed such legislation, and eventually, most, if not all, states will have legal sports betting of some kind. With such a popular industry that can make each state extra money from tax contributions, you can assume that legal sports betting is coming to your state sometime in the near future unless you live in Utah.

Even Hawaii, a state that is notorious for its long-running anti-gambling stance, is actively studying the implementation of legal sports betting. Furthermore, with half of the country primed to have measures in place within years, the dominoes will likely fall once the first one does. It is estimated that two-thirds of the states will have legalized sports betting by the year A handful of Native American casinos have opened retail sportsbooks, which permit college betting as well, but these too are small revenue generators.

Pennsylvania was among a handful of states to accept a legal retail sports bet in and, beginning with its digital launch, has been among the biggest markets in the country. Rhode Island has been offering legal sports betting since when retail sportsbooks opened at its two commercial casinos.

William Hill now owned by Caesars is the only legal retail and online sportsbook in the state. Since it has no casinos, Tennessee is the only state that has online-only sports betting. Virginia took its first online sports bet in January and as many as a dozen options could be available by the end of the year. The lone legal District-wide mobile app, GamBet, is run by the lottery and, partially because it has no legal competition, has offered lines worse than market averages.

Another entrant, Handle 19, is readying to enter the marketplace with a retail location. Overall, D. It will never rival some of the larger markets, but bettors at least have several legal options to place a bet from anywhere within the state. Louisiana is the first to approve sports betting at a county or parish level, so it remains to be seen what sports betting will look like when it launches in or Lawmakers will also need to determine key regulatory details — including allowing online access — which could be a complex legislative process.

Retail casinos will almost assuredly be able to open retail sportsbooks as early as , but it remains to be seen how or if online wagering would be conducted in Louisiana. The voters of Maryland said yes to legalizing sports gambling in the Nov. But there is widespread, bipartisan support for online and retail betting , meaning Marylanders should expect the launch of a competitive, digital marketplace as early as North Carolina legalized in-person sports betting in July for two tribal casinos in the western portion of the state, but both are still working towards opening their respective sportsbooks.

While that bill did not permit any mobile wagering, the state is expected to consider statewide mobile wagering in Lawmakers still need to pass follow-up legislation, but bettors should expect retail books to open in the historic gaming community of Deadwood as well as tribal casinos as early as The state constitution only permits wagering within Deadwood and tribal lands, but some believe statewide mobile wagering could be approved as long as the servers are placed in Deadwood.

This is far from a sure bet, but could open an interesting new digital market. Washington legalized sports betting on March 25, , though no bets have been taken because the state is in compact negotiations with tribal representatives to come up with terms of a new agreement that will allow sports betting to take place on tribal lands. Arizona officials have touched on sports betting proposals the last few years and are still considering a path for state tribes to take sports bets.

Key details would still need to be resolved, but officials from both parties are bullish on a deal, possibly as early as Online betting may be a tougher endeavor, but Arizona seems on solid footing for some sort of legal wagering sooner than later. With politicians largely supportive, Connecticut remains one of the more plausible states to pass a sports betting bill. But until, or if, stakeholders can reach a deal, sports betting remains illegal.

Some Florida politicians have come out in support of legal wagering, but a host of legal and logistical obstacles have thwarted any legislative efforts. Miami-based sports betting legislation expert Daniel Wallach said a constitutional amendment that prohibits lawmakers from passing gaming legislation without a voter referendum would not necessarily stop the legislature from authorizing sports gambling. It could still be a major legal stumbling block.

The other major concern is the interests of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Though the Seminoles would almost assuredly support the right to open sportsbooks in Florida, as they have in other states, any authorization would have to come on their terms, which may not include online betting. Meanwhile, the state continues a multi-year standoff over slot machine tax payments and exclusivity rights that also will need to be settled before sports betting authorization can take shape.

Polls in Georgia say that voters are in favor of legalized sports betting. A last-minute legalization bill failed in the final moments of the legislative session, but legal betting could get another look in Brian Kemp might also be a veto threat to sports gambling progress. As we saw during the November election, though, Georgia seems to be trending more and more politically blue every year.

Kansas seemed like a safe bet to approval legal wagering in after both the House and Senate introduced bills to do so. The progress is an encouraging sign, and it appears the idea of sports betting has gained support in Kansas. Key regulatory issues will need to be resolved, and it remains to be seen if online betting is politically palatable, but Kansas could be among the favorites to pass legal retail betting as early as A sports betting bill zoomed out a legislative committee in the Kentucky House in early , but quickly hit a snag as Republican leadership tanked the bill despite bipartisan support.

Conservative, anti-gambling sentiment runs deep in Kentucky and remains a massive political barrier. The good news is that Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear is a big proponent of sports betting legalization, but until Republicans get on board, Kentucky sports betting may not happen.

In that environment, it makes statewide mobile wagering even more difficult. Governor vetoed bill A Maine online sports betting bill seemed like a sure bet until Gov. Janet Mills vetoed what would have been the most competitive market in New England.

A veto override fell a few votes short, but sports betting backers are hoping to work with Mills on a new sports betting bill in Republican Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and members of both parties in the Democrat-controlled General Court support sports betting. Elected officials have not reached consensus on several key issues, such as which entities would be allowed to take bets and if legal betting should include wagers on in-state college teams. Legal betting should come to Massachusetts in the next two years.

Multiple bills floated through the legislature but were dropped when the session ended early, and there are three new bills on the table now. Expect to see some action in for both online and in-person wagering — especially if Kansas is close to doing the same. This would likely mean retail only, but North Dakota could be among a rare group of states that can take bets without an act of the legislature. Lawmakers held out hope for a bill in the final moments of , but it seems more likely a fresh set of legislators will have to take a new bill when the session begins.

Legal wagering has widespread bipartisan support in the legislative and executive branches, but politicians still need to hammer out a few issues that have stalled legislation for months. Texas would appear to be an unlikely sports betting adopter, but a dire budget situation and investment from outside gaming interests make it a possible target in The Lone Star State is still a longshot , but the pressures of the session the legislature only meets regularly in odd-numbered years could move Texas past its long-standing gambling opposition.

Vermont is one of the few remaining states without casinos, but it may be okay with legal sportsbooks, at least online. The state is considering a study bill and may feel pressured to accept wagering especially as the greater New England market continues to grow.

Lawmakers seem unlikely to take up a sports betting bill anytime soon, but the Northern Arapaho Tribe appears it may add retail sports betting under the authority of existing law, much in the way tribes in New Mexico are operating sports betting without any legislation. Alaska is pretty much nowhere on sports gambling. The 49th state might actually be the 49th to legalize it, if ever. Alabama is one of the few remaining states without a lottery and seems unlikely to thaw its gambling opposition.

The legislature had a sports betting bill in the works in March before COVID ended the session early that would have included both in-person and online sports betting, but passing such a bill is still a difficult task in a state with strong gaming aversions. California sports betting looks like it will be a reality, but only at tribal casinos and most likely not until State tribes are close to finalizing a ballot measure that would allow sportsbooks on tribal grounds.

Wagering could begin as early as if approved, but in-person only and not online. A proposal that would have allowed mobile sports betting while granting extend gaming options to the state commercial cardrooms fell short. With potentially billions of dollars at stake, gaming interests will still pursue California mobile betting, but it appears the tribal casino-only option is the most likely reality for a legal wagering market.

Hawaii is one of just two states currently without any major gambling entity of any kind, and it seems sports betting will not be coming to the state for the foreseeable future, if ever. State laws as written are currently against gambling, save for horse racing. Lawmakers have considered sports betting bills in recent years, but the state has not worked out how it would work, and which entities, most notably Minnesota Native American tribes, would be allowed to take bets.

Oklahoma gaming is dominated by Native American entities and most seem disinclined to agree to sports betting until other key issues with the state government are resolved. Two tribes struck sports betting deals in , but those were later invalidated, part of a larger conflict between competition gaming interests and the government.

A court ruling that renewed a previous compact between the two entities gives tribes the upper hand in negotiations with the government.

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In , Mississippi removed language from the Mississippi Gaming Control Act that prohibited sports betting, in anticipation of a favorable ruling from the Supreme Court in Murphy v. In-person sports betting launched on August 1, and currently 10 casinos provide sports betting. Mobile wagering is not allowed at the present time. HB was advanced out of a House committee and now will go before the entire House for a vote. The bill includes an integrity fee of 0.

It will include statewide mobile wagering. Montana Lottery currently offers sports pools for football and auto racing, which were grandfathered in prior to the repeal of PASPA. The governor veoted , but signed into, and the state has a year to implement it.

The law allows the Montana State Lottery to arrange with its current contractor to offer sports betting at locations that already allow gambling such as bars or taverns with machines that sell lottery tickets. Legalized sports betting in The federal government initially taxed it at a 10 percent rate, but in , they reduced the rate to 2 percent, launching the growth of sports betting in the state.

HB was introduced on Jan 10, Governor Chris Sununu signed it into law on July 12th. The legislation authorizes the state Lottery Commission to conduct sports betting directly or through an authorized agent via the use of mobile devices and brick-and-mortar sports book establishments at up to 10 retail locations. The legislation prohibits betting on New Hampshire colleges and universities.

On June 11, , the governor signed a bill that had been passed the previous week to implement sports betting regulation. Eight brick-and-mortar casinos and 5 online sportsbooks currently have sports betting available.

The state has not legalized gambling, but the partnerships are created under the state's gaming pact with the tribes. The compacts allow all forms of Class III gambling, which includes sports betting. The Commission approved four upstate casinos and all tribal casinos. The new rules take effect when they are published in the state register on June 26th. Senate Bill introduced Feb 17, and referred to committee on March 14th.

A companion House Bill is in the Judiciary Committee awaiting approval. These bills would limit sports betting to tribal casinos and exclude mobile betting. It allows the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to operate retail sportsbooks at two casinos in the Appalachian Mountains.

State House passed bill to legalize sports betting. State Senate voted to kill the bill without debate. SB introduced on March 14, Licensees will be allowed to partner with operators for retail and online wagering. Legislation was introduced on Feb 5, in both the House and Senate to legalize sports betting as part of an expansion of the tribal gaming compact.

It would include, "wagering on the outcome of one or more competitive games in which athletes participate, or on one or more performances of such athletes in such games where all bets are placed in a common pool or pot from which all player winnings, prizes and direct costs are paid. Like Montana and Delaware, it was limited to lottery pools.

Legislation was introduced on Jan 14, , but since then the state has decided it can expand sports betting based on its pre-PASPA laws. The state lottery commission selected SB Tech as the vendor and a contract is expected to be finalized in late April. The state took its first wager on August 27, It becomes the first casino to offer sports betting in Pennsylvania after the state passed legislation in to create a sports betting framework once a favorable Supreme Court decision was reached.

On June 22, , Governor Gina Raimondo signed the state budget, which included a provision authorizing sports betting. Two Twin River casinos, in Lincoln and Riverton, launched sports betting to close A joint resolution S57, H was introduced on Jan 8, to create a ballot referendum to amend the state constitution to allow for various forms of gambling, including on sports. It would authorize sports betting within the city limits of Deadwood.

The House approved legislation on April 26th to create strictly online sports betting. It would not allow it in any brick-and-mortar facility. The bill was approved by the Senate on April 30th, and Governor Bill Lee announced that he would let the bill pass, but without his signature. A spokesperson said "[the governor] does not believe that the expansion is best, but he recognizes that many in the legislature found this to be an issue they want to explore further.

It goes into effect on July 1. HB was introduced on Feb 1, and has been referred to committee. If the bill is passed, it shall take effect on July 1, SB introduced on Dec 28, , signed into law by governor on Mar 21, Establishes a framework for the Lottery Board to oversee gaming in certain localities that must further approve via voter referendum. Locations would be limited to Danville, Bristol, and Portsmouth, with Richmond and Norfolk as potential sites for the Pamunkey tribe to build a casino.

HB was introduced on Feb 8, to authorize "sports wagering on a very limited basis by restricting it to tribal casinos in the state of Washington. Hollywood Casino became the first to offer sports betting on September 1, and the state's other four casinos are expected to follow. Here's the Supreme Court decision, explained.

A Alaska The state prohibits gambling, and no legislation has been introduced specific to sports betting legalization. Click for more. C Arkansas The state legalized sports betting via voter referendum on November 6, E California 2 state legislators introduced ACA 16, a ballot initiative that would amend the Constitution to allow for the regulation of sports betting.

I Florida State voters passed Amendment 3, which requires any implementation of further casino gaming in the state will require it pass via the citizen initiative process. J Georgia HR proposes a constitutional amendment to legalize GA sports betting, via ballot referendum. K Hawaii HB introduced on Jan 23, and would create a state-owned entity, the Hawaii Sports Wagering Corporation" that would offer sports betting. M Idaho State deputy attorney general Brian Kane has not heard a word on legalizing sports betting.

N Illinois Governor J. O Indiana SB was introduced to cover sports betting, but also impacts riverboat casino, constructions of new casinos, and a rule covering the maximum number of licenses a single casino owner may possess. P Kansas A page piece of legislation has been written up but not yet filed.

John Barker is taking the lead and brought together legislations, state Lottery officials, and various casino, business and sports league lobbyists to discuss the potential legislation Click for more. U Maine The state Senate and House passed LD , which would allow individuals 21 or older to gamble on professional and most collegiate sports in the state. T Maryland Maryland voters approved a measure that requires any commercial gambling expansion to go through the ballot referendum process, and the next possible ballot would be in S Massachusetts Six different pieces of legislation have been introduced specific to sports betting.

Ever wonder about legal sports betting in the United States? And we mean really wonder, not just assume that since you had heard somewhere that placing bets on sports outside of Las Vegas was banned that you were not able to do it. An assumption like that would be terribly unfortunate, as there are actually plenty of opportunities for sports fans to get in on the action of betting real money on their favorite teams.

Additionally, new developments in the realm of politics are about to blow the industry up bigger than ever before. With that in mind, we want to welcome you to SportsBettingStates. The goal here is pretty simple. We want to veteran bettors and newcomers to the hobby alike the best and most current information relating to state sports betting.

This is not just information on the current state of affairs either, but rather a general scope of all the options available as well. In that last regard, there are actually plenty of options as far legally betting on sports in the US is concerned. We will take a look at how this works from the perspective of both land-based and online sports betting outlets — primarily those based overseas.

There are some states where land-based sports betting has been legal for decades, and now that a key federal anti-sports betting law has been overturned by the US Supreme Court, there are going to be plenty more states offering sportsbooks too. Read on to find out all the ins and outs of this exciting hobby that puts fans in the middle of the action of their favorite sports. Land-based sports betting can be done legally in the United States, but only one state has had any sportsbooks to speak of in the last quarter of a century or thereabouts.

In many ways, the new sports betting states will probably be looking to follow the lead of these states that passed legislation regulating sports wagering activities so long ago. Nevada - Nevada is without a doubt the state that most people in the US and indeed all over the world associate most closely with gambling of all kinds, and sports betting is definitely on the menu there.

The Silver State is the most unrestricted state in terms of sports betting among the four that were grandfathered into the provisions of PASPA. Residents and visitors to Nevada had been are are easily able to place wagers on a variety of sports, and a variety of different types of bets at a variety of land-based bookmakers.

Sportsbook patrons get to take full advantage of straight bets, parlays, live betting and more. There is really just about everything one could imagine on the table when it comes to betting on sports at the licensed sportsbooks in Nevada. Delaware - Not many people may realize this, but Delaware has been a trendsetter and a very important player in the fight for legalized gambling in the United States. Sports betting is actually legal at three different places.

Oregon - Oregon sports fans have been in a difficult and peculiar situation since On one hand, PASPA denied regulated sports betting to most of the states in the nation, yet Oregon was grandfathered in and allowed to continue offering what sports betting it had already regulated from years back. Even though Oregon was one of the states that was allowed to legally offer sports betting according to PASPA, there are currently no state regulated land-based sportsbooks to be found inside the state lines.

Still, you and your friends can get together and enjoy some great sports betting, or you can create an office pool. Montana - Montana is full of sports fans, and there are always seemingly plenty of opportunities to wager on games. While the state does not currently have any sportsbooks, there used to be many back in the day - and those glory days might come around again soon now that the US Supreme Court has struck down PASPA, thus allowing the states to decide for themselves how to chart their course regarding wagering on sports.

There is already a strong contingent of Montana political figures looking into how to integrate sports betting into the overall gambling industry there, but in the meantime Montana residents can join in on an office pool, or gather some friends and create your own sportsbooks.

However, US bettors across the entire country have the ability to access legal sport betting sites based overseas. These percent legal offshore that allow players from the U. Whether it's a single bet or a parlay, all betting options are on the table here, spanning many of the most popular collegiate and professional sports. Essentially, it boils down to the fact that placing an online wager in the US is legal.

What the laws at the federal level attack are from the angle of the site operators. Bettors are only affected in the sense that any sports betting sites based in the US were banned, while those based offshore are happy to fill the void here. In order to answer the question, we first need to explain some grey area on the topic. There are legal issues surrounding online sports betting in the U. This is explained just below in some more specific detail about the laws that impact legal sports betting sites.

Nevertheless, the key takeaway for you to know is that the individual bettor can legally place at bet at a sportsbook allowing them to do so, so long as that sportsbook is not located in the United States. Bettors who choose to go down this route will not have to worry about getting into trouble with the law — if indeed there are any laws that specifically mention sports betting or online wagering among their prohibited gambling activities.

And if you choose to go with a reputable site like the ones that we have already mentioned on this page, you can know going in that you will get paid out the winnings that you earned. But at the onset of this answer we did mention the issue of federal laws, for which they do regulate what can and cannot be done from the perspective of online sports betting in the United States.

Further down the page we'll list out and briefly explain the key aspects of the sports betting laws that all bettors should be aware, because it paints the necessary picture to ease your mind about why using reputable offshore sites is the way to go. You can legally bet on college football online at any reputable sports betting site. Legal online sportsbooks are based offshore and licensed to accept American bettors.

With no federal laws that prohibit using an online sportsbook and only a handful of states with any type of online gaming legislation, finding states with college football betting sites is easy. Whether you live in Nevada or some state that has zero sports betting, placing bets online might still be a better way to go then betting in Las Vegas.

The truth of the matter is that there are tons of online sportsbooks that accept USA players, including some of the largest betting companies in the world. Online sportsbooks offer options that land based sportsbooks have not even dreamed of like buying points, bonuses, and more. The number of online sports betting sites that accept USA players may be high, but the number of trusted sportsbooks is very limited.

There is less then 10 online sports betting sites that we reccomend at this time, and it has been that way for quite a while. The USA sports betting sites that we list have all been online for years and have solid reputations in the industry. No matter what state you live in, we have quality sports betting sites that will accept players from your state. Check out the sites below and then click on the review to see if that particular sportsbook accepts players from where you live.

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Users can sign up, deposit and place wagers from their computer or mobile device, but there are some restrictions on in-game betting. Most major online bookmakers operate in Pennsylvania where online wagering has been allowed since The state is a big market since it has one of the biggest populations in the country and a high proportion of sports fans. First allowed in May , sports fans in Colorado already have a good selection of sports books to choose from.

It also has some of the most liberal rules surrounding sports betting, with online registration and depositing, no in-game restrictions and wagers on college teams allowed. Existing physical casinos in the state have an month head start over national online brands.

After sports betting was permitted in May , several sports books have begun operating in the state. However, until fans must visit a sports book or casino in-person to create their account. Mississippi first legalized sports betting in , but it requires bets to be placed inside a casino, even if the customer wants to use their smartphone. Only a handful of brands operate in the state right now, but more are expected to open soon.

Rhode Island is the only state to allow betting at 18 instead of Sports betting in West Virginia has been legal since August , with full online and mobile services allowed. Some of these are expected to do so much quicker than others, including:. Online and mobile sportsbooks launched in the Wolverine State in January of and offer both sports betting and iGaming to members of these platforms.

Mississippi has the most operational sportsbooks outside of Nevada, but its reach is limited to major gambling destinations like Tunica, Biloxi, and Vicksburg. Internet-based sports betting is not expected to be discussed by the MS Congress until or at the earliest. The first state to approve sports betting in was Montana. Though many states only have one operator in charge of the industry, Montana took a different approach and approved two sports betting bills.

However, Governor Bullock only signed one of them into law, HB , which gives the power to the state lottery. With this, Montana was able to expand their sports betting laws, permitting year-olds to wager on both professional and collegiate sports. In March , the first Montana sportsbooks opened, meaning it was finally time to bet on sports in Montana. Nevada was, of course, the only game in town for decades. With sports wagering formally legalized way back in , NV is still considered the number one place to bet on all the biggest games and sporting events.

Las Vegas alone boasts over 50 sportsbooks, and online gaming is available statewide from a selection of world-famous bookmakers. New Hampshire. Governor Chris Sununu signed the NH sports betting bill into law in July officially making the wagering on sporting events legal in the state. Betting on in-state collegiate teams is prohibited as well as any college games played within state lines. According to the law, there will be ten retail locations for sports bettors to go and place wagers.

However, NH has no casinos due to strong laws against gambling so trying to come up with the best locations for these facilities will take some time. Residents are able to place all of their sports wagers through the use of the application as long as they are 21 years of age.

New Jersey. New Jersey is the reason PASPA was overturned, and their perseverance in the 6-year legal challenge has already paid off in spades. Or rather, in sports betting revenue. Card-based gambling was already legal in the state, after all. Additionally, NJ residents can wager on sports over the Internet, which is legal statewide through locally-licensed operators.

New Mexico. New Mexico sports wagering is a unique phenomenon, at least in terms of how it was born. Instead of going through the state legislature, the Pueblo of Santa Ana Tamaya simply began offering the product at their Albuquerque-area Santa Ana Star venue. That said, in order for Internet-based betting to go live, a new law will have to be passed, as such is currently explicitly prohibited.

There are no reported revenue figures for sports betting in NM. Sports betting was technically legal in when voters approved a measure supporting the hobby in the four upstate commercial casinos. After PASPA was repealed, the state took a little over a year to set regulations and discuss the possibility of mobile sports betting.

Though the latter was not approved, New York sports betting launched on July 16, when Rivers Casino Schenectady accepted the first wager. The addition of mobile betting will likely require another voter referendum, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo. As one of the few states exempt from the oversight of PASPA, Oregon never took legal sports betting off of their books. Before PASPA was in effect, the state offered 3-team or more parlay cards for their residents but with threats from the professional and collegiate sports organization, they stopped offering the program.

The Oregon Lottery is working towards launching an online industry sometime in the near future as well. Pennsylvania took a little longer than most expected to roll out sports betting to eager bettors in the state. However, since the activity went live in November , it has been immensely popular.

Online sports wagering was a late addition to the legal sports betting market, having launched in the last days of May Rhode Island. Online sports wagering is not yet legal in the state, however, and the monthly revenue figures will reflect that until the legislature decides to move forward with a plan to roll out such a product. Tennessee officially launched its legal sports betting industry on November 1, The state legalized mobile sportsbooks in May with no cap on the number of operators that can do business in their sports wagering market.

Four online and mobile sports wagering platforms opened on November 1. As more sports betting companies open up their apps for Tennesseans to use, the Volunteer State can expect to see even more sports bettors joining state-sanctioned sportsbooks in the future, bringing in more handle and revenue. Virginia has legalized sports betting, and the law was put into effect on July 1st, The state has begun the process of launching sports betting and launched its first online sportsbooks in January of In the November election, four cities including Norfolk, Danville, Bristol, and Portsmouth approved of casinos being built inside city lines.

All these casinos will have the ability to offer sports betting in their venues when they open in the year or years to come. West Virginia. West Virginia was quick to legalize sports betting, but the rollout was slow, and the state only recently legalized and launched online sports wagering. Washington, D. While not a state, Washington, D. As such, it has legalized sports betting within its borders thanks to a December City Council vote in favor.

There are no casinos in D. Washington became one of the most recent states to legalize sports betting when Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill allowing sports betting to take place in the tribal casinos that exist in the state of Washington. Sports betting has not gone beyond that, yet, although there is mobile betting access if you are on the grounds of one of the tribal casinos. There are, unfortunately, a fair few of these states. Generally speaking, the situation these states find themselves in is that they have legalized the concept of sports betting, but have not installed infrastructure or legislative framework for it.

The good news is that many of these states are working on installing the said framework and infrastructure to get sports betting up and running as soon as possible. Michigan, for example, legalized sports betting in December of and expects to have it up and running by March of So, ideally, many of these states will soon be moving from this section to the section above!

In the election 55 out of the 64 Lousinna parishes approved of local legal sports betting. The state was the first to ask voters to approve of a local sports betting proposal rather than statewide. The state's lawmakers will have to wait until to detail all of the rules and regulations for the marketplace in next spring's legislative session.

The state of Maryland has legalized sports betting that was approved on the ballot. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and lawmakers in the state will now focus on which operators can apply for licenses to offer sports betting for sports fans. The next time there will be an opportunity for officials in the state to work on the rules and regulations will be in the next legislative session in North Carolina. North Carolina took the entire legislative session to legalize sports betting in the state.

Finalized and signed by the governor in July , North Carolina sports betting allows both of the tribal casinos in the state to offer full-service sportsbooks. Along with sports wagering, this bill authorized the permission for the casinos to offer fixed horse racing odds as well. South Dakota. South Dakota approved of sports betting which is set to bring legal sportsbooks to casinos in the city of Deadwood.

This approval will also allow the North American Tribal casinos in the state to offer legal sports betting in their gaming venues. The state will now work to award licenses to the new commercial sports betting operators in the state. Bettors can expect to see sports betting launched in South Dakota in It is safe to say that about three-quarters of the states have entered into debates about sports betting legalization at the congressional level — some more seriously than others.

In some regions, sports betting is championed largely by Democrat interests, while in others it seems squarely in the domain of Republican lawmakers. Naturally, the states where such initiatives had the best chance to pass were those that had wide bipartisan support. Many interests of the current legislators will be brushed aside by the potentially new lawmakers who want to impose their power. However, from the actions of the legislative sessions of and , we can see which states took sports betting more seriously than others.

You should expect to see another handful of states legalize the pastime in The states looking to legalize sports betting include Massachusetts, Louisiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, and a few others as well. Certainly, not all of these states will pass sports betting laws before the end of the year or may not at all, but they are far more likely to do so than states like Hawaii, Utah, Idaho, Alaska, and Wyoming.

With the session in full swing for most states, there are new states that could possibly legalize online sportsbooks this year. These bills could be any number of steps away from potential legalization as there are many hurdles to jump for a bill to become a law. With a handful of states left for the hope of passage, there is no doubt that well over half of the United States will have legalized the activity of sports betting.

The following states have active bills in to put online sports betting into law. Regardless of the sports betting laws in your state, you have the option to bet on sports at international sportsbooks.


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No longer the only state to permit a wide variety of legal sports betting. › chalk › story › the-united-states-sports-betting-where-all-. Sports betting is legal in more than two dozen states, though many have only in-​person betting. We're tracking all 50 states (plus Washington.