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Sports betting expert advice binary options computer desktop setup

Sports betting expert advice

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Get the bets that professionals are making. Our software uses data from a massive database of real professional bettors, and finds the best plays that move betting lines. Never miss a Game Advisers pick with our new notification system. We will never hide our losses. Our graded picks will always be front and center. We will show you our streaks and you can filter picks by league, bet type and handicapper. Straight bets against the spread, for moneylines and totals, as well as halves, quarters and props.

Whether you need help accessing data or you simply want to know more about our processes, reach out anytime. You will have access to picks that professional bettors are making that are handpicked by our revolutionary software.

You will also get stats and key information about their plays. Your membership also includes picks from in-house experts, respected handicappers and game simulations. All of our in-house handicapper picks can be accessed here at GameAdvisers when you're signed into your premium account. Anyone that bets on sports! Simply subscribing to our membership will turn you into a sports investor.

Free membership provides access to some in-house handicapper picks plus stats, trends and results graded plays. We acquire this data from a collection of the largest gaming sites in the gambling industry. Game Advisers is the end result of years of development and we are about to change the sports prediction industry forever. Our software is powered by an algorithm that gets more intelligent with age.

The more data it ingests, the more intelligent it becomes, in turn, making smarter decisions and ultimately increasing your winning percentage and bankroll. While our AI software is the main product at GameAdvisers. Money is the most important asset a sports bettor has in his arsenal, and learning to protect it is an essential skill for a gambler.

There should be no legitimate reason you can think of that will justify foolishly spending money on events or props that you know are likely never to happen. Let's take a closer look at bankroll and sports betting money management and go over a few tips for getting the most out of your hard-earned cash. This is the most important money management tip you will learn today. Setting a unit amount is critical when it comes to protecting your money because it gives you stability.

Deciding how much to bet based on how you are feeling at a certain point in the day is the worst possible way to turn a profit at the end of the season. Obviously, the smaller your bankroll, the smaller your units should be, but at the end of the day it's all about how comfortable you are losing money.

Doc's Sports employs a 8-Unit betting system where the minimum wager is 1-unit and the maximum is 8-units. The idea is to move your wagers around based on the strength of each game. Bettors should decide what their 8-unit maximum is, which would also be the most they are comfortable losing in a single game.

Of course, this number should coincide with the amount of money in gambler's bankroll and should be around 10 percent of his total bankroll. Typically speaking, pro handicappers only have one or two 8-unit plays per season. They are sometimes referred to as Top Play of the Season, thus leaving them more exposed than a normal bet would. Once you have a betting unit set and 8-unit system in place, the next step is to decide how much you want to risk in a day or even weekend.

The best course of action would be to set a limit on what you are comfortable losing in a single day. Once a gambler gets into a losing streak, his emotions get involved and his handicapping process becomes compromised. Taking a break for the day after a few big losses can be the difference between being a winning bettor or going bust on the bankroll.

A bettor needs to be painstakingly honest about his wins and losses in order to properly gauge whether or not he is a winning bettor or not. The best way you can do this is by keeping track of all wagers and doing everything in your power to keep your betting money far away from your everyday funds. Once the two mix and a bettor digs into his daily funds to stake his betting habit, then the bettor throws out all regards for bankroll management and will lose the game in no time.

Keeping track of your wagers will ensure you stay honest and composed enough to safeguard against downplaying the losses or exaggerating the winnings. Newsflash - you are going to lose. Even the most successful football bettor loses four out of every 10 bets they make. Lots of people will tell you that that isn't the case for their system over the long term. Those people are lying. Sports betting is really hard.


We highlight the different picks services providers on Odds Shark, and their unique product offering. Doc's Sports is the only sports service in the entire country that has this guarantee for their clients. No hype, no hassles, no high-pressure sales. Since opening for business in , Doc's Sports have never made any outgoing sales calls. When working with Doc's Sports, you can be assured that you will work with a professional organization who only hires the best handicappers and support staff.

Maximize your bankroll with a model that delivers winning picks every day. Prediction Machine is a cutting-edge sports prediction system that uses real time team updates, odds, and your betting preferences to give you a tailored bet amount. Each game is simulated X number of times to ensure the most accurate outcome. Things they like to say and do at Doc's Sports:. Doc's Sports is proud to be recognized as one of the leaders and most trusted names in the industry.

They have built their reputation with honesty and hard work, and will always continue to tell it like it is. It's very important, regardless if you use Doc's Sports' service, another service, or handicap on your own, to always remember that sports betting is a marathon and not a sprint. The same principle that applies to any business also applies to betting on sports. Winning is still what it's all about. With hard work, discipline, money management, and a network of insiders, sports betting can be an exciting and profitable form of entertainment.

Using these principles is how Doc's Sports makes a living. Winning is what Doc's Sports has done the past 49 years. They were a Top 5 handicapper in the country during the March Madness season. This included going with their top plays during the last two Marches that took place.

What surprises most people is that some of Doc's Sports' best information over the years has come from their own clients. These are trusted clients that have been not only customers but have turned into friends over the years, and are able to pick up on key information in their areas. We recommend looking at the long-term betting trends. While most services or handicappers have one person making the picks for every sport, Doc's Sports has one person for each individual sport, thus allowing them to focus percent on just one task.

For the specialized experts who focus exclusively on each individual sport, the work and research never ends. If you are going to bet on sports, it is important to set aside a certain portion of your money for betting and to stick with that bankroll, win or lose.

Winning money on sports is not a sprint. If you bet your whole bankroll on one game and lose, you will be more likely to try and chase your losses. If you spread your bankroll among several smaller bets, you are more likely to make a profit in the long run if you do the proper homework.

Remember, there are no locks in this business and any team can lose on any given night. And on the subject of chasing: Don't do it! There is no worse way to mismanage your bankroll than to chase your bets after a losing day. If you didn't like the game before you lost your money, why would you like it after your losses? Chasing bets is a losing proposition almost every time. If you are on a winning streak, increase the amount of your bets. Wins and losses often come in streaks, and it can be profitable to ride out a hot streak.

Sports betting tip 2 - Shopping for Numbers The second most important aspect of betting on sports is shopping for the best number. There will be more discrepancy in the numbers on different sports at different sports books. The NFL, for example, will have very similar numbers at most of the betting shops you visit. On college sports and daily events like the NBA, you will be able to find different lines at different sports books.

These books change their numbers according to the betting patterns of their customers, so it is not entirely uncommon to find two or three point differences in the lines. When you are betting your hard earned money, getting the best line is a top priority. And since the lines the bookmakers release are increasingly strong, the difference between a point or two is usually the difference between a win or a loss.

Sports betting tip 3 - Never Gamble While under the Influence There is a reason the casinos in Las Vegas supply you with free drinks while you are gambling. Because alcohol clouds your judgment and usually helps you to make rash decisions you usually wouldn't otherwise make.

To be a successful sports bettor you need to operate with a clear mind. If you have had too much to drink, it is in your best interest to stay away from the betting window. Be sure to get set up with our weekly NBA picks for guaranteed winners each and every day.

Sports betting tip 4 - Do your Homework As a bettor, you have the advantage of streamlining your research, which is something the sports books are not at liberty to do. The best way to win money betting sports is to develop a niche and follow it closely.

If you become an expert on a smaller conference like the WAC, you have a good chance to beat the house because sports book operators do not have the time or resources to follow this conference the way you can.

There is a wealth of information on the Internet; it is just up to you to find it and research it daily. Sports betting tip 5 - Check the Odds Some sports books have better odds on parlays and teasers. When you are betting big bucks the difference in odds translate into a huge difference in your payout.

All it takes is a little research of the sports books you usually bet at. Most books have their payout odds listed in way that is easy for the bettor to find them. It should be noted that we advise against playing parlays and teasers for the most part. Especially anything over a 2-teamer. Sports betting tip 6 - Play Home Dogs There is probably no better bet in sports than playing an underdog at home.

Teams play inspired ball at home. Slim underdogs regularly win outright. Big underdogs often find ways to cover the spread and they rarely give up toward the end of a game in front of the home crowd. Sports betting tip 7 - Bet at the Right Time The sharp bettors tend to bet underdogs, and they tend to bet them early. Squares usually bet later in the day or week, for football and they tend to pick the favorites. If you like an underdog, it is best to get your bet in as late as possible, where there is heavy action from squares on favorites.

If you are going to go with a favorite, it is best to place your bet early in the week when the Pros are laying heavy money on the points. Not all games work according to this formula, but it is usually a good rule of thumb. There are many other important factors when it comes to beating the books. Many people don't have the time to study things like: statistics, line moves, game analysis, team trends, situational trends, Historical angles, valuable lines, inflated numbers on public teams, etc.

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