world sport betting maponya mall sketches

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World sport betting maponya mall sketches bosnia and herzegovina world cup betting

World sport betting maponya mall sketches

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They don't wear name tags hence i describe them the way I do. She chats a lot with her colleagues, one day i made a bet in a hurry and realised later after five minutes of the race that she didn't make the bets according to my request. The other thing is the fact that when you withdraw money from your wsb account you wait for 20 to 30 minutes. What's the point of having an account then.

If u deposit you still have to wait for 20 minutes for it to reflect on your account even though you went into their branch. Main Info complaints wsb. Poor service cashiers chatting in front of clients, cashier assisting me was busy chatting while servicing me and made a lot of mistake luckily l checked all tge tickets in front of her and cokparing with my list she had to re-do them all Good experience!

Good experience! Main Info. Sponsored Advert. This has raised the bar for the whole industry, yet World Sports Betting still lead the field. Your security is guaranteed as we handle millions of transactions a year. Our websites use Secure Socket Layer SSL technology on all web pages that contain your personal and payment card details by encrypting them, so only we can access them.

Contact Centre telephone numbers are displayed on the website at all times. To use your online account, call the following numbers:. We hold a fixed odds betting operation license and are regulated by the National Gambling Board www. Home Photos Description. We seek to present a friendly, fast and secure online sports betting experience.

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