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Peer to peer sports betting app betting on horses australian

Peer to peer sports betting app

Download the app today on iOS or Android, and finally take control of your betting experience. Sign in. Mark Thomas Follow. Blockchain Cryptocurrency Sports Sports Betting. Technology entrepreneur. ZenSports Follow. Peer-to-Peer Mobile Sports Betting. Written by Mark Thomas Follow. More From Medium. Mark Thomas in ZenSports. Kirtipurohit in Data Driven Investor. Connor Uzzo. Andrew Moss in CodeX. Reflecting Through My Own Data.

Ryan Young in The Startup. Poorer Countries Are Catching up in Education. Why Not in Income? Louis Fed in St. Louis Fed. Brayden Gerrard. Part 1 —Introduction and Data Cleaning. Learn more. Make Medium yours. Steve is also an angel investor in ZenSports. Jimmy is an experienced entrepreneur and startup investor. He is currently the COO at MixerBox, which is a music app that allows users to easily combine different music platforms on one device.

Erik is the CEO of Themis Data Solutions, which is the premier data aggregator in publicly available court-related documents. Erik is also a two-time angel investor in ZenSports. Jason is one of the most prolific and high-profiled angel investors in the world. This will allow ZenSports to operate its mobile app anywhere in the state of Nevada once licensed. MicroVentures connects angel investors with startups. It is the first online, equity-based crowdfunding to enable venture capital financing.

MicroVentures provides founders access to early stage capital, and accredited investors opportunities to invest in private equity. ICON is one of the largest blockchain networks in the world. Our decentralized network allows independent blockchains with different governances to transact with one another without intermediaries.

ICON is a vision with a proven track record and has progressed beyond the initial concept stage. ICON already boasts independent blockchains comprised of reputable institutions in major industries — banks, securities, insurance, hospitals, universities, and more. Acceleprise was one of the first SaaS focused accelerators in the United States. With the consumerization of the enterprise and continued adoption of the Saas model across every industry, Acceleprise will focus on investing in very early stage companies that are solving very targeted vertical or horizontally specific pain points with an easy to use application and have a team in place with the relevant operating experience to make it happen.

Jeremy was also a Co-Founder of Augur, and has been an investor, advisor, and entrepreneur in several other blockchain projects. He has grown startups and established businesses alike and led them to acquisition. An ambassador for Realtor. When you place bets with SPORTS tokens, you'll pay discounted betting fees, get cash back for reaching certain betting volumes, and earn bonuses for performing other actions. A Next-Level Sports Betting App ZenSports gives you the most choice of any sports betting app out there -- bet against the house, create your own bets against others in our marketplace, or bet with your friends!

How it Works Check out the video to see how we make online sports betting easier and more fun compared to a traditional bookmaker. Meet Our Team, Advisors, and Investors. Adil Sher Chief Mobile Engineer. John Dulay Chief Product Officer. Mark Saldana Chief Marketing Officer. Ari Argirov Lead Backend Engineer. Jacob Shrader GM of eSports. Stephen Ste Marie Advisor. Jason Calacanis Investor. Grant Lincoln Investor. MicroVentures Investor.

Acceleprise Investor. Steven Fan Investor.

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The goal is to remove technical know-how limitations and enable all players to set up and maintain their own betting houses. The betting app already supports easy switching from the default Ethereum to other compatible networks. This way, sports websites can reach new audiences and increase their traffic, just by publishing sports event data they already have. Players who want to wager with their own odds, will avoid online bookmakers who usually provide less favourable odds in order to secure their profit.

Hence, there is a clear opportunity for bookmakers to extend their offering for these players by setting up a betting house on the Kryptium platform. The Kryptium team can also provide bookmakers with a white-labelled version of the betting app or even betting middleware for those who want to build their own user interface. There are many sports events and competitions that attract betting activity but are not available for online betting due to small market size or difficulties in obtaining event data.

Offline bookmakers, who are active in these betting markets, can use Kryptium to take their business online and expand their customer base at a very low cost. Established data service providers have the chance to create new revenue streams by launching an oracle service on the Kryptium platform. Houses that use the service will automatically pay the fee defined in the oracle smart contract. Trading financial options is subject to various regulations and, in some cases e.

To simplify deployment, the Kryptium team can also provide dedicated betting middleware which will enable brokers to seamlessly extend their online trading platforms. Although the e-sports market has greatly evolved in the last years, online betting solutions are covering a very small percentage of e-sports championships. Kryptium enables any e-sports community to draw further attention to its activities by publishing all events and outcomes on the blockchain or even setting up a dedicated betting house with very low or zero commission.

Easy deployment and updating of your own betting house or data service from within the betting app. How fast do I get paid once I win a bet? Do I need to have an Ethereum account to play? The betting app automatically creates an Ethereum account for you for all betting-related transactions.

However you will need to transfer some Ether to it from another Ethereum account. This can be an account in your cryptocurrency wallet or an account on an online cryptocurrency exchange. The latter is a simpler option for players who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies. Do I need to download anything on my computer? You will need to download the version of the betting app that is compatible with your operating system Windows, macOS or Linux.

Can I access your betting app from the web? Not yet. We have planned to produce a secure web version of our betting app in the first half of What are the commissions I have to pay? For every betting transaction e. The fee depends on the type of transaction and is usually worth a few USD cents. The betting app will provide all information and handle the payment process on your behalf.

The betting house you choose to play with might also charge a commission on your payouts. Due to the low cost of running a house on the Kryptium platform, you can expect the commission to be very low or even zero! Can I act as a bookmaker using Kryptium? Yes, but you will need to wait for the version 2. Acting as a bookmaker will require you to open a multi-player bet with your chosen odds for every outcome you want players to bet on.

Can I set the odds for any bet I want? Who validates the result? The result of every bet is automatically calculated by the house smart contract which is an Ethereum application that functions like an escrow agent for the players of any bet on the Kryptium platform.

You can check the How it works — for the tech-savvy section for more details. What are ERCcompatible tokens? They are cryptocurrencies that are based on the Ethereum blockchain and conform to the specifications of the ERC20 standard. These cryptocurrencies are managed by Ethereum smart contracts applications which follow a common way for the implementation of all possible transactions.

Kryptium is a decentralised platform and there is no entity which holds fiat i. All transactions are currently in Ether and the amounts you wager are escrowed by smart contracts, i. Therefore you can only withdraw your winnings in Ether or, in the future, other cryptocurrencies. However, we have planned to simplify the conversion of Ether to fiat currency through partnerships with major cryptocurrency exchanges. Do I need to open an account and provide my personal data in order to bet?

Absolutely not! Using the betting app, does not require players to provide Know-Your-Customer details or go through approvals of any kind. Your only id is the address of your betting wallet which is automatically produced when you first open the betting app. There is a passionate team behind Kryptium, with the goal to change the betting world! Giannis is a seasoned software architect and team leader with more than 20 years of experience.

Before Kryptium, he led the design, development and successful deployment of the Parkgene token and its ICO platform. Yiannis has more than 20 years of versatile experience, covering product management and marketing, delivery of software products and services, IT consulting and technical sales.

Before Kryptium, he managed the delivery of a white-labelled music streaming service in 4 African countries. George is a talented web developer with a keen interest in cutting-edge technologies. Dapps, progressive web apps and front-end architectures are his latest passions. Before Kryptium, he worked on a business intelligence platform and the upgrading of a booking platform. Windows Kryptium You can get POA on these exchanges. Ready to BET? Kryptium Team uses cookies to improve your experience on our site.

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Since these providers may collect personal data like your IP address we allow you to block them here. Please be aware that this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of our site. Changes will take effect once you reload the page. A new betting world! User-friendly peer-to-peer betting.

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Safety and transparency guaranteed. You decide the odds for your bets. Bet on anything Community-powered event data feeds. Start your own betting house using the app. About Kryptium. There are no limits on winnings, no taxes and no limits on withdrawals. A new betting world. Cutting out bookmakers, opens a new betting experience for players.

Other features. How it works — for players. Check your betting wallet address in the My Money section and then transfer some Ether to that address. Choose a betting house to play with optional step or just use the one pre-selected by the app.

When the bet is over, the Maker submits the results of the bet outcome. If a dispute is submitted, it goes to the marketplace for a vote. The marketplace is incentivized to vote correctly because they will receive half of the losing party's escrow amount if they vote along with the majority of voters. The prevailing party in the dispute receives a refund of their full escrow fee, along with half of the losing party's escrow fee. All bet winnings are paid out accordingly. The goal, according to Thomas, is to create a fully decentralized sports betting marketplace where no centralized sports book is necessary to create or manage bets.

The trading platform is just a matchmaking service bringing both parties together. ZenSports is doing the exact same thing, bringing together and matching up bettors from both sides of a bet. There's no reason for some centralized bookmaker to control every aspect of the betting process. We feel our format is much more user friendly.

ZenSports is initially launching its sports betting app everywhere except the United States , Canada , Europe , and Australia. The company is currently working on the legal requirements to begin operating in those jurisdictions. Users in the U. There are several other payment and funding issues with traditional bookmakers, which ZenSports will be solving for in the future as well but which are not part of this launch. Despite the fact that it's perfectly legal for people to bet on sports, both online and in land-based sportsbooks, many banks refuse to fund gaming accounts through credit cards or wire transfers.

This makes funding betting accounts a complicated and arduous task. Even when banks do allow their customers to fund betting accounts, there's often a lag of days before the funds are made available, and there are fees associated with credit card payments or wire transfers. ZenSports will attempt to solve for all of these payment, funding, and payout issues by integrating cryptocurrencies and smart contracts into its app.

Bettors may be able to fund their accounts, place bets, pay commissions, and cash out their winnings via cryptocurrencies.


Traditional bookies stack odds that favor themselves as part of a hedging and profit-making strategy. Instead, ZenSports captures a percentage of all bets that transact on the platform. Already, even before the May Supreme Court ruling, casinos and territories within the US where sports gambling is legal could have been operating a platform like ZenSports on their property.

The beauty of a casino-run betting platform is that the casino provides bettors with a method of placing bets on events that the casino doesn't want to bet on itself. The casino still collects a transaction fee and in addition gains reams of data on betting trends and interests. The betting platform could even expand to other event-type betting such as award shows, political events, and other cultural moments where permissible more on that further down.

Of course, the legal sports betting market was small in the U. Casinos could be forgiven for not leaping at the opportunity to build a peer-to-peer betting platform. But now we're in the middle of a sea change in legal sports betting, and the need for a peer-to-peer betting platform has become a strategic imperative for all casinos.

Our research puts that figure on the conservative end of estimates. Since the May Supreme Court decision to overturn a ruling that had prohibited states from legalizing sports betting, 7 states have legalized it. New York is semi-legal and on the cusp to full legalization, and 14 additional states have proposed legislation to legalize sports bets.

The time is ripe for a traditional casino to build a betting platform, before ZenSports figures out a way to accurately geo-fence betting by state. Or, online sportsbooks DraftKings, Betstar, and FanDuel figure out a way to facilitate peer-to-peer betting on their sites and apps. While ZenSports may be ahead of traditional casinos on the technical aspects of a peer-to-peer betting platform, it lacks the institutional knowledge, brand recognition, and data that casinos have regarding sports bets.

This competitive advantage may be worth more than the technical product once a casino builds a platform, or they could simply buy ZenSports. Whoever builds a betting platform can easily expand that platform to include residents of states whose betting laws have opened up. However, time is of the essence as a sports betting platform, like all platform business models , benefits from winner take all dynamics in which one or two winners win the market e.

Two additional points must be made about the betting platform. First, non-sports bets can also be easily added around award shows, game shows, political events, and other culture moments, laws permitting. And there is reason to be optimistic that restrictions on non-sports betting will loosen too.

For example, New Jersey decided to allow pre-event wagering for the Oscars only. ZenSports will attempt to solve for all of these payment, funding, and payout issues by integrating cryptocurrencies and smart contracts into its app. Bettors may be able to fund their accounts, place bets, pay commissions, and cash out their winnings via cryptocurrencies. With what ZenSports is building, we hope to improve bettors confidence that they can move money into and out of their ZenSports account efficiently, quickly, and without a middleman getting involved.

This aims to give bettors a cheaper, faster, and more trustworthy process for wagering on sports than traditional online sportsbooks offer. ZenSports plans on integrating cryptocurrencies and smart contracts into its app by Q1 Download the app today on iOS or Android, and finally take control of your betting experience.

Sign in. Mark Thomas Follow. Blockchain Cryptocurrency Sports Sports Betting. Technology entrepreneur. ZenSports Follow. Peer-to-Peer Mobile Sports Betting. Written by Mark Thomas Follow. More From Medium. Mark Thomas in ZenSports. Kirtipurohit in Data Driven Investor. Connor Uzzo. Andrew Moss in CodeX. Reflecting Through My Own Data. Ryan Young in The Startup. Poorer Countries Are Catching up in Education. Why Not in Income? Louis Fed in St.

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